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Who are we?

We are a world leader in ultraviolet air purification, offering the most advanced and cost effective air purification and coil systems. Our patented UV systems are designed to maximize exposure time, delivering the ultraviolet energy needed for exceptionally high airborne purification rates.

Our systems, both integrated and stand-alone, are used worldwide in residential, commercial, institutional and medical facilities. They are the most efficient air purification systems on the market.

Founded in 1995, the mission of Sanuvox Technologies is to design and manufacture air and surface purification units that replicate the natural principles of air purification by ultraviolet radiation from the sun in the Earth's upper atmosphere.

Our continuous investments in research and development, and our desire to bring the latest technologies to market, have made it possible to create a range of residential and commercial air purification systems and coils that are unmatched by our competitors.

Sanuvox advantages

Clean Air Leader

Sanuvox uses the power of the sun's rays to kill microorganisms in the air that can make you sick. Our UV air purifiers are trusted by businesses, institutions and consumers around the world.


Louis Garceau

Newly appointed head of Sanuvox Technologies Inc., Louis Garceau, with his extensive experience, will enable the company to continue its successful development.

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Headshot of Normand

Dr. Normand Brais

Founder and Head of Engineering

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Serge Arsenault

Financial and Administrative Director

Headshot of Mathieu

Mathieu Coudé

Director of Design and Innovation

Headshot of Jessy

Jessy Bracquemont

Operations Manager

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Julien Renaud

Trade Marketing Manager

Sales Team

Headshot of Jay

Jay Carter

VP Sales, Sr. | United States

Headshot of Paul Rosa

Paul Rosa

Marketing and Sales Director

Headshot of Rick Perez

Rick Perez

VP Sales | International Development

Headshot of Ralph

Ralph Fletcher

VP Sales | Northeastern United States

Headshot of Nick Dehaan

Nik Dehaan

Business Development Manager | Midwest

Headshot of Patrick Rambke

Patrick Rambke

Business Development Manager | Southwestern United States

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Todd Garland

Business Development Manager | Southeastern United States

Headshot of Joanne

Joanne Ogilvie

VP Sales | Western Canada

Headshot of Sam

Sam Otaki

VP Sales | Ontario

Headshot of Joel

Joël Charette

Business Development Manager | Quebec and Maritimes

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